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21 Day Challenge

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Who’s ready to get started?! With any successful fitness transformation, there are 4 components: Fitness, Nutrition, Accountability and Community. We have created individual portals for each of these to make it super simple so you can make the most out of this challenge, get back to the basics, and create sustainable habits. Sign up for the 21 Day Challenge to start your transformation.

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With visionary leadership and the best fitness team in the Pacific Northwest – you’ll see immediately that RDFiT IS different. Different because we deliver results. Different because we are Results Driven Fitness.

Nichole, RDFiT Member

Nichole, RDFiT Member

"As soon as I started, the scale began moving again and I dropped my last 65 pounds. Now at my goal of 85 pounds lost, I am returning to exercise more and am experiencing the mental benefits as well as the physical ones."

Nichole, RDFiT Member

Rene, RDFiT Member

"I feel strong in my workouts and have been able to maximize my training and have increased my level of strenuous activity outside the gym."

Saije, RDFiT Member

Saije, RDFiT Member

"The first week I noticed the results in my face, and two short months later I was down 15.2 pounds of fat mass and 8.3% boy fat. I am a believer and am determined to see how lean and fit I can become!"

The camaraderie, variety, and effectiveness of bootcamp has made 6-7 am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday three of most fun and important hours of my week.

RDFiT Bootcamp Member

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RDFiT offers state-of-the-art equipment along with customized, individually-tailored fitness and nutrition programming that inspires, excites and ultimately helps members get results.










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Innovating & Evolving Health and Fitness Practices to Achieve Results Driven Fitness

Brad Berscheid

Brad Berscheid

Fitness Coach

Aaron Morton

Aaron Morton

Jordan Mitchell

Jordan Mitchell

Ilme Raudsepp

Ilme Raudsepp

Optavia Certified Health Coaches

DotFit Nutrition Certified

Cope Certified Health Coaches

NASM Certified Personal Trainers

TRX® Suspension Training® Certified

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